A week later...

A week have passed since the busy weeks of August and now I'm sitting in my room waiting for the right time to go to college. It was an exhausting one, one activity after another and ended with a 30 minutes table speech at Rotary Club on Monday. The title ? It was rather a serious one but good to share while I'm still young. -What I've learnt about life in Japan-. People around are busy achieving their dreams while forgetting their purpose in life. Goals are there but they are just merely nothing more of a checkpoint towards the final goal - death.

It was Saturday, Ueda, Miyashita and I went to Aeon Dainichi to watch 'The Dark Knight' as I see lines like WHY SO SERIOUS and the joker's-red-smile-signature all over the facebook, MSN and the web. I guess it became a joker-hype and I decided to watch the movie. Verdict? I'd give a 10/10 with a Joker-wide-smile.

Then it was Wednesday evening I decided to watch The Skycrawlers which is directed by Mamoru Oshii ( Works such as Patlabor the movie, Ghost in the Shell etc). It started with my friend who mentioned there was a Focke Wulf FW190D look alike in the movie and the air combat was realistic. First time going to the cinema alone, but I didn't care. The action, cinematics, music was great but Mamoru Oshii's storyline can be a little slow for some.

It was Friday and I went off to the Mosque for Friday prayers and a day with Yahya and talked about "Don't tell mom I work on the rigs - she thinks I'm a piano players in a whorehouse". I read a little and the story made me burst into laughter with so many weird things that he went through. There were gory stuff as well but this book isn't a horror or comedy-joke book but it's a non-fiction-travelogue-biography-like book.

Then it was Saturday and Athari called me out for a cup of cofee, so I recommended him Aeon Dainichi. I reached there earlier and my hunger pangs started complaining "where's the food!". At first, I went to Starbucks and had the-only-thing-I-will-drink "Green Tea Frappucino" and continued reading the book. The background was too noisy and a must-look-but-morally-is-wrong Japanese girl was at the table next to me. I decided to scram the place and went off to a quieter one, but in turn it was worse - The Food Court.

It wasn't bad when I had a bowl of don't-get-me-wrong-but-it's-delicious Bukkake Udon and some Melon juice.If I were to enjoy reading the book, I think this isn't the place. Might as well I go to the park or somewhere but the gloomy skies indicate that I'm going to get wet.

As for this posting, no pictures of test drives....


Anonymous said…
I want to watch Hancock.
I can't wait for it!!
Anonymous said…
↑by kon↑
Eu Jin said…
You have weird taste to go for Bukkake Udon. Hahahahaha

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