18 January 2013

Now as a new breath of life in photoblogging. It shall be neolufiasism.blogspot.com. stay tuned

28 June 2009

Back in Malaysia and an end to Lens of Lufias

Firstly I’ve been dead busy and now back in Malaysia for good over the past 2 months. The Japan chapter for me is already over and now it’s time for me to move on with a “new” chapter of life in Malaysia.

It’s been a roller coaster ride in emotion, feeling, thought, faith and almost everything over there. An honest love for someone special that ended in a walk-out which was due to my own fault. That person is someone whom I treasure, although I’m not sure whether I’ll be meeting her again. However, I could only pray to God that she’d be  one  of those guided by Him. But there is one thing I want to ask from her is forgiveness for what ever let down n etc I’ve done towards her.

Still looking for a job around, but I might be venturing into new fields apart from automotive. What interests me was when Aimran @ watafak told me abt future potential engineering. It’s a fast changing world, especially things what we used to crave for is what we have to let it go.

New ideas, concept, things have to run in our mind to keep on moving and being too content with what we have would put us back while everyone moves forward.

I’d like to thank those who read my blog. I’ll be creating a new one for this whole new chapter. I wonder what will the blogname shall be ? Will let you know as soon as possible

23 March 2009

Moved out (part 1)

It’s been a hectic week prior and post graduation. i.e. Moving…

First started with moving out the furnitures and electrical appliances… That was an adventure of its own. It was right after I got the news that I officially passed all my exams and thesis on Monday, the next day I got the cardboard boxes ready and a van reserved on Friday & Saturday. Started with a rainy Tuesday, I quickly boxed up books, magazines and notes without looking at the priorities. This is just to make way for  bookshelf, bed, washing machine,kotatsu, fridge, cupboard, TV, etc…Friday alone was a dreadful one with heavy rain and strong winds,added with a van that wasn’t equipped with a GPS navigation system… But thankfully, with the aid of my juniors yang amat disayangi… most of the stuff are packed and secured in the van. But that night only me and Wahi was involved carrying the bed which was the most difficult task.

Once I got the stuff sent, it is Saturday… and I only had 3 hours sleep.

That afternoon I had lunch and tea with 2 lovely Japanese teachers and my Malaysian friends from the language school. Then I checked in a Biz Hotel near Osaka Station to take a quick rest , prayers , bath and prepare for a party with my labmates. That was another ordeal for me… After the meal, I decided to go back before the 2nd session or else I’d breakdown.

Had a good sleep at OS Hotel and it was a good Sunday for me.

It was Monday and Tuesday, and I was hunting for a good and affordable moving service. But all costs at an exhorbitant RM 5k onwards. So I started to throw away books, notes, and things of low importance. That was about 30-40kg of rainforest products and oil related products…

However , that Tuesday Afternoon a friend of mine from Wakayama became my lifesaver. I was told that she and her friends reserved a container for Malaysia and seems there is some space for a humble 7 boxes for me. Quickly reserved a Nissan X-trail and stacked up the stuff with the help of my juniors kesayangan. In return, gave them my ol Toshiba notebook, my relatively new monitor, old 120GB HDD and etc…It’s a bit pricey especially the monitor, but they have done a priceless effort on helping me on the furnitures and boxes or else I would die standing.

Drove the X-trail to Wakayama on that Wednesday and left for Osaka that night and returned the car

Thursday and Friday was reserved for a test drive review of Nissan Skyline Coupe but things didn’t work out as planned. Thursday spent a lot of time on the highway leaving no space for my friend to take shots of the car zooming down the road. And on Friday it was a rainy day. Used the car to transport boxes and bags instead which sounded pretty funny. Imagine using a Lotus Elise to carry a cupboard across the city.

After moving to my temporary abode in Higashi Osaka, most of the unwanted stuff are thrown away and room cleaned up. Everything is good and I moved to Higashi Osaka for a week plus with Wahi. He was dead tired with work at the Conference and had other issues coming up.

to be continued…

19 February 2009

End of a chapter

     No, I'm not closing my blog or what. But actually an end of a chapter in my life. I've just completed my final year thesis, which answers my irregular posting. All thanks to God, I've passed my thesis and managed to present them smoothly without any sign of panic and nervousness. The do'a (prayers) of Nabi Musa A.S. prior to face the Pharaoh is indeed useful and I highly recommend it to those who are going to present.

    While I was busy doing my thesis and experiment, I went out for a test drive back in 1st and 2nd January. It was about 2 extremes, 2 technological breakthrough, 2 wonders of the automotive world. The Toyota Prius and the Mazda RX-8. I'm sure many have read professional reviews, watched Top Gear and heard from various people but I think it would be better if could add some different perspective.

    Just yesterday I went out for a drive in the new Nissan Cube. Obviously, to some it's one ugly car but let's take it as "one man's meat is the other man's poison". It is literally a cube on wheels, but a nicely shaped one. On the inside, you see water ripple effect on the ceiling of the cabin and various curves of the 25th century. Very much like a car of the future, minus some of the boring aspects such as the typical dials and buttons you find in a normal car and a boring colour tone. Since it is a rented car, I wouldn't complaint much about it.

   Thesis ? Yup, my thesis is related to dental restoration materials. No, I'm not doing Medical stuff but Mechanical Engineering. Interestingly I learnt how to make a false tooth and know how strong it gets. There is like some "main masak-masak" (play cooking) in the research where you'd be weighing the mass of the material, mixing them using the mortar and pestle, and curing the material with a light machine. Then, I perform a fatigue test on the material which goes back to what I've learnt in A levels and Material Dynamics II.

   There are limitless possibilities in the research with the materials in hand. It would be interesting if I'm paid to do the research and find the ideal material for replacing a broken tooth. Fatigue related experiment takes time before it fails. Let's say 2 nights in the lab ? What I was told, is that one spent 5 nights in the lab and the material didn't break.

    Now I'm a bit free to rest and enjoy a cup of tea while reading some books about life, but I feel like I missed those adventure. Adventures like, getting red inks, blue inks, green inks on thesis showing a number of correction needed to be done. 5 corrections and still a lot of red inks. It is pressuring and stressful when seeing one's own work is being  red ink-ed so I had to spend some of my thesis at a coffee shop with a relaxing ambience and cute waitresses with cute voice LOL....

    The home is rather cold and depressing so I tried to maximise my time outside. If it is a warm home with "someone" around, maybe that might keep me motivated. I don't know, we'll see how it go.

    I only have less than 2 months in Japan and it's time to start a new chapter once I reach home. A lot of uncertainties out there with the depression looming around. Only God I depend on for my happiness and provisions. I just need to be sabr (steadfast) on whatever befalls on me - which is also my weak point.

31 December 2008

Wrapping up 2008...

2008 is about to enter it's end and welcoming 2009. At the same time a welcome to the new Islamic year 1430AH (After Hijrah) which took place on 29th December 2008. Now in the lab performing fatigue stress test on dental composite material for my final year thesis. Still need to produce a lot of results and proper experiments only begun not more than 2 months ago due to unavailable material to produce the specimen.

January has been an interesting month as I remembered 2nd January when I met two wonderful Japanese Muslimahs at the Mosque. Both became Muslim on Eid Adha in two different part of the world and their story was captivating and inspiring even for a born Muslim like me. Somehow it makes me think, am I doing a good job as a Muslim ? It shivers me as someone who is in a conflict between material crave and mission to be successful in the hereafter.

At the same time, I met Abir who is from Jordan, but working in Miyazaki. Someone from the Middle East whom I can enjoy talking to. Quite an extrovert but also a lot of things I've learned through conversations with her.

Exams kicked in and time flew so fast that after the last paper, it is time to visit Miyazaki. With a wonderful Jordanian-Circassian hospitality, I had a great stay in Miyazaki although there were some misunderstandings between Abir and I. Things like this happen between cultures, but we got along pretty well.

The trip around Miyazaki was breathtaking and if it weren't because of Abir's kind invitation, I would have never thought of going there. I thought to myself again, God willing,I shall go there again next year...We learnt from one another about photography and talked about cultures and food and lastly... Shisha... 1st try on shisha and that was memorable...

It was mid February when Itou-san, a good looking middle age man invited me, Mr and Mrs Nakabayashi, Ms Fukuda, and the rest for a Crab feasting trip. Yes, winter is the season of crab harvesting and it's famous in the Kansai region. It was my 1st visit to the Japan Sea in Winter. The crab was delicious, Onsen in winter was enjoyable, and the trip to Izushi town was memorable. Sadly someone couldn't come as she had an urgent work to do, instead we bought something for her.

After the trip, I took a driving license test so that I could drive my parents around and to help ferrying OIT Team Regalia to the circuit and back. Took a few hours of driving lessons and thank God I passed my driving test on the 2nd trial. The driving test itself isn't difficult but the detail oriented examiner will eventually fail you for little details that you didn't do. It was costly for the lessons but looking back, there are people who took the test more than 10 times yet they still fail them. Osaka is the 2nd hardest place in Japan to pass the driving test, so that's one achievement if someone could pass it for the 1st time.

When I got my license, Abir came over and I rented a Toyota ist to familiarise driving around Osaka. What I was told that Osaka is the most notorious place to drive in Japan as road manners are terrible by Japanese standards. So I decided to take the plunge and drive through the so called "madness". Surprisingly, it is still way below my standard of "madness". I think notorious Osaka drivers will turn out to be an innocent little pup when they meet the drivers in KL, Rome, Jakarta, Egypt and the rest of the world...

Then when my parents came to Japan in March, we went to Hiroshima by car and back. The journey was pretty breathtaking, not to mention having to pass through 200 tunnels back and forth and my dad observing the cleanliness of Japanese trucks. It is pretty unusual to rent a car in Japan as Japan boasts it's public transportation. Yes I agree they are efficient and convenient, but there are times that we need to have a little more freedom and see things our own way.

Then April kicked in, sakura flowers blooming across Japan and school season have started. Nothing much for me as I'm more attached to my lab than the classroom. However I have to take a few subjects to meet the 132 credits minimum in order to graduate. Got to know one of the muslima better and we got to know each other more.

Then May kicked in, first time going to Tokyo and back in a day.There was a Job fair for Malaysian students in Japan, so I decided to participate and see how things work. I was there to look around but not immediately to find a job as my plan was to graduate and stay in Japan till my Visa ends. Why ? Mainly making up what I haven't been doing for the past 4 years and to help improvise Team Regalia that many of my friends and I established.

My cousin came in for a week and took a break and brought him around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. On the last day I decided to send him to the airport by car and then off to Kobe to meet the muslima friend of mine. However after wrapping up that day, I went back home but slapped with a speeding ticket. My 1st ticket in 7 years of driving life.

June was rather busy as we were rushing to build our 2nd car. The situation was bleak as there weren't any proper plans to build the car and design problems arose especially on the front suspension. Then I was told that the plan was cut short - i.e. to complete the car by this year's race. It is impossible to start a new concept in less than a year. Pushrod suspension, new materials, etc is just not feasible in a year. Designing a car alone takes more than a year. However, with all the frustration there is relief as I rented a Nissan Skyline over the weekend. That was one of the most memorable drive ever. It has been my dream car (especially the GTR version) of driving one, and finally took a chance of driving the sedan. Despite not being the GTR, it was one of the best cars driven.

July, the exam month kicked in and I took a few papers as usual. After that in August, the DreamCup Solarcar Challenge 2008 event was held at Suzuka Circuit and this time 20 of us turned up for the race. Unfortunately the Iris Zero Two didn't make it and Iris Type One was still Iris Type One without any much improvement. The only improvement was that we have more members to do the job and well equipped. The muslima I met, things didn't work out well and we parted ourselves. I realised the 2 months getting to know her taxed me a lot, financially to the extend that my phone bills were like 18,000 yen / month.

In August, the week after the race was the trip to the white sand beach in Mie with my labmates. The first impression about white sand beach in Japan.....yeah ! you know what I mean...In the end I spent the whole day in the lodge playing Daifugo, Nintendo DS and watching TV as the beach was a little too sinful for me. It made me think, I wish I could have a wife who would wear a Bikini / G-string and just both of us in a white sand beach without other people around....hahahahaha... in my dreams...

The stress built up in me was tremendous and the following day after I got back from the trip, I decided to release it all in a Nissan Fairlady Z. It was a good way of stress relief and at the same time get to taste something I might not be able to taste it in Malaysia - i.e. to drive such powerful car. It was a great car in terms of performance, but realised it burned my wallet deep.

On Thursday I rented a Mazda MX-5 Roadster as I was curious on my dad's glorious old days having the Triumph Spitfire. Decided to drive to Tokushima with the open top and that was a breathtaking experience. I did turn on the aircond a little to keep my legs warm but otherwise, the breeze would just cool me down - apart from messing up my hair. That too was one of the most memorable drive.

Then in September ramadhan kicked in and had the worst headache on the 1st day of ramadhan. Since then, I had to take care of my activities during the fast. And finally for the first time in 5 years Eid al-Fitri with my family back in Malaysia. Seems a lot of changes over the years as many elders have passed away. It was a little more quiet and I hope ties won't be broken in the future.

Then in November went out momiji with friends on a car, so it was a memorable one as we drove through the hill roads of Mino. And at the same time made a number of Malaysian friends compared to the years before as the new batch seems to be more an interesting one.

And Finally till today, I have been performing a number of experiment on my graduating thesis and till 31st December 2008, I've done all the calculations needed for every experiment I made till today. Except for one because it was a failure due to the internal defect of the stuff.

2008 was a year full of adventure for me. It was more than what I expected the year to be, boring and lonely. But through different new tasks, adventures, and opportunities I took taught me a number of valuable lessons. It is also the final year of me being in Japan for one full year as I will be departing off in April next year (hopefully).

I'd like to apologise to all whose heart I have hurt till this far. I hope we could just make things better in the times to come.

12 November 2008

Jazzin up pre-fajr time

A thousand apologies for not posting a blog for almost a month. Been busy with so many things in college especially final year project. Yup, it's my final year and Inshallah (God Willing) graduate in March 2009. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my experiment days, Thursday is my lesson day, Friday is my day of rest, Saturday is my day of reading (or resting), Sunday is possibly a day of reading as well.

Winter is around the corner and my legs are freezing but thank God nothing bad happened so far (such as Flu etc) but will have a flu vaccination this evening.

I've been turning the music on loud since midnight just to keep the lively atmosphere in the lab. Turning the lab into a dance floor, opera house, live stage etc... I got only 3 hours left before I could leave the building (Now I'm trapped inside as the main doors are locked by the security guard)

Alright, fajr in 10 minutes time...I'd better start toning down my music and start a good fajr and a good day then sleep till God knows when.... just hope I won't be carrying my pillow all over the university LOL...

14 October 2008

Problem with talking about political issues...

Talking about political issues isn't going to strengthen friendship but rather to show one's weakness and to talk things that could turn out to be a blasphemy. That's one of the topic I really hate to talk about or let alone get close to such discussion because you wouldn't know that what seemed to be true could be a big lie and a lie can be the truth and talking about it would just bring steps closer to hell Audhubillah