Moved out (part 1)

It’s been a hectic week prior and post graduation. i.e. Moving…

First started with moving out the furnitures and electrical appliances… That was an adventure of its own. It was right after I got the news that I officially passed all my exams and thesis on Monday, the next day I got the cardboard boxes ready and a van reserved on Friday & Saturday. Started with a rainy Tuesday, I quickly boxed up books, magazines and notes without looking at the priorities. This is just to make way for  bookshelf, bed, washing machine,kotatsu, fridge, cupboard, TV, etc…Friday alone was a dreadful one with heavy rain and strong winds,added with a van that wasn’t equipped with a GPS navigation system… But thankfully, with the aid of my juniors yang amat disayangi… most of the stuff are packed and secured in the van. But that night only me and Wahi was involved carrying the bed which was the most difficult task.

Once I got the stuff sent, it is Saturday… and I only had 3 hours sleep.

That afternoon I had lunch and tea with 2 lovely Japanese teachers and my Malaysian friends from the language school. Then I checked in a Biz Hotel near Osaka Station to take a quick rest , prayers , bath and prepare for a party with my labmates. That was another ordeal for me… After the meal, I decided to go back before the 2nd session or else I’d breakdown.

Had a good sleep at OS Hotel and it was a good Sunday for me.

It was Monday and Tuesday, and I was hunting for a good and affordable moving service. But all costs at an exhorbitant RM 5k onwards. So I started to throw away books, notes, and things of low importance. That was about 30-40kg of rainforest products and oil related products…

However , that Tuesday Afternoon a friend of mine from Wakayama became my lifesaver. I was told that she and her friends reserved a container for Malaysia and seems there is some space for a humble 7 boxes for me. Quickly reserved a Nissan X-trail and stacked up the stuff with the help of my juniors kesayangan. In return, gave them my ol Toshiba notebook, my relatively new monitor, old 120GB HDD and etc…It’s a bit pricey especially the monitor, but they have done a priceless effort on helping me on the furnitures and boxes or else I would die standing.

Drove the X-trail to Wakayama on that Wednesday and left for Osaka that night and returned the car

Thursday and Friday was reserved for a test drive review of Nissan Skyline Coupe but things didn’t work out as planned. Thursday spent a lot of time on the highway leaving no space for my friend to take shots of the car zooming down the road. And on Friday it was a rainy day. Used the car to transport boxes and bags instead which sounded pretty funny. Imagine using a Lotus Elise to carry a cupboard across the city.

After moving to my temporary abode in Higashi Osaka, most of the unwanted stuff are thrown away and room cleaned up. Everything is good and I moved to Higashi Osaka for a week plus with Wahi. He was dead tired with work at the Conference and had other issues coming up.

to be continued…


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