End of a chapter

     No, I'm not closing my blog or what. But actually an end of a chapter in my life. I've just completed my final year thesis, which answers my irregular posting. All thanks to God, I've passed my thesis and managed to present them smoothly without any sign of panic and nervousness. The do'a (prayers) of Nabi Musa A.S. prior to face the Pharaoh is indeed useful and I highly recommend it to those who are going to present.

    While I was busy doing my thesis and experiment, I went out for a test drive back in 1st and 2nd January. It was about 2 extremes, 2 technological breakthrough, 2 wonders of the automotive world. The Toyota Prius and the Mazda RX-8. I'm sure many have read professional reviews, watched Top Gear and heard from various people but I think it would be better if could add some different perspective.

    Just yesterday I went out for a drive in the new Nissan Cube. Obviously, to some it's one ugly car but let's take it as "one man's meat is the other man's poison". It is literally a cube on wheels, but a nicely shaped one. On the inside, you see water ripple effect on the ceiling of the cabin and various curves of the 25th century. Very much like a car of the future, minus some of the boring aspects such as the typical dials and buttons you find in a normal car and a boring colour tone. Since it is a rented car, I wouldn't complaint much about it.

   Thesis ? Yup, my thesis is related to dental restoration materials. No, I'm not doing Medical stuff but Mechanical Engineering. Interestingly I learnt how to make a false tooth and know how strong it gets. There is like some "main masak-masak" (play cooking) in the research where you'd be weighing the mass of the material, mixing them using the mortar and pestle, and curing the material with a light machine. Then, I perform a fatigue test on the material which goes back to what I've learnt in A levels and Material Dynamics II.

   There are limitless possibilities in the research with the materials in hand. It would be interesting if I'm paid to do the research and find the ideal material for replacing a broken tooth. Fatigue related experiment takes time before it fails. Let's say 2 nights in the lab ? What I was told, is that one spent 5 nights in the lab and the material didn't break.

    Now I'm a bit free to rest and enjoy a cup of tea while reading some books about life, but I feel like I missed those adventure. Adventures like, getting red inks, blue inks, green inks on thesis showing a number of correction needed to be done. 5 corrections and still a lot of red inks. It is pressuring and stressful when seeing one's own work is being  red ink-ed so I had to spend some of my thesis at a coffee shop with a relaxing ambience and cute waitresses with cute voice LOL....

    The home is rather cold and depressing so I tried to maximise my time outside. If it is a warm home with "someone" around, maybe that might keep me motivated. I don't know, we'll see how it go.

    I only have less than 2 months in Japan and it's time to start a new chapter once I reach home. A lot of uncertainties out there with the depression looming around. Only God I depend on for my happiness and provisions. I just need to be sabr (steadfast) on whatever befalls on me - which is also my weak point.


congratulations on finishing up with studies! *^^* hope to see you soooonnn

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