Jazzin up pre-fajr time

A thousand apologies for not posting a blog for almost a month. Been busy with so many things in college especially final year project. Yup, it's my final year and Inshallah (God Willing) graduate in March 2009. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my experiment days, Thursday is my lesson day, Friday is my day of rest, Saturday is my day of reading (or resting), Sunday is possibly a day of reading as well.

Winter is around the corner and my legs are freezing but thank God nothing bad happened so far (such as Flu etc) but will have a flu vaccination this evening.

I've been turning the music on loud since midnight just to keep the lively atmosphere in the lab. Turning the lab into a dance floor, opera house, live stage etc... I got only 3 hours left before I could leave the building (Now I'm trapped inside as the main doors are locked by the security guard)

Alright, fajr in 10 minutes time...I'd better start toning down my music and start a good fajr and a good day then sleep till God knows when.... just hope I won't be carrying my pillow all over the university LOL...


Sakuragi said…
All the best in your studies too bro.... keep in touch.

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